Home Installations Advena x W London Hotel, Leicester Square

Advena is a virtual reality (VR) resort that responds to our desire for escapism during the pandemic – discovering an idyllic landscape of tropical fauna, colourful architecture, opalescent orbs and warm beaches. The work explores the ecological and social impact of tourism and its corresponding resorts.

The physical installation of Advena was designed to be an overstimulating sensory experience, highlighting the excessive nature of current fast lifestyles and our craving for more stimulation.

W London:

July – October 2021, W London Hotel, Leicester Square



Photo Booth

Bar Area

Food & Beverages

SUITE 611 – Bedroom

SUITE 611 – Lounge

SUITE 611 – Bathroom


Virtual Reality: Hoare Lea

Augmented Reality: Bamsound Creative

Soundscape: Bobby Hex

Fabrication: Neon & Graphical Tree

Curatorial Support: Offsite Projects

Food & Beverage: W London

Installation: Georgia Tucker & GOC Electrical

Proposal Support: Arebyte Gallery


With a special thanks to Chris Lane, Graham Cowell, Scott Marshall, REI plc, Louise Neville, Leah Woolford, Dylan Coopoo, Leslie Sarfati, Ben Cowtan & all the staff at the W London.


Georgia created the initial ideas for Advena while taking part in the Hotel Generation Scheme with Arebyte – she then went on to turn the designs into a VR environment for her MA degree and managed the W London project from concept proposal through to installation.