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“Conniveo provides a poignant glimpse of a landscape far from civilisation but still scarred by human activity” – BBC News.


Viewers are transported to an uninhabited island, far from anyone else on Earth, and are free to explore. However, the landscape is a long way from being a paradise. Submerging themselves in the vibrant ocean, the viewers notice a fishing net trapped between rocks which forms a pathway between themselves and a polluted world. It is their choice whether they follow to see the consequences of human activity, or remain behind the façade of beauty. Conniveo explores plastic pollution, oil spills, dead zones and ghost fishing.


Virtual reality (VR) environment and soundscape created with Hoare Lea. Prints provided by Birmingham School of Art. Curatorial support from Jennifer Wright. Production mentoring provided by Rural Media.  Scaffolding provided by Optimum Scaffolding. Fishing netting/rope provided by Megan Youngs, Kittie Kipper and Surfers Against Sewage. Animation created by Chris Lane.

With a special thanks to Graham Cowell, Leah Woolford and Elle Adams.

Georgia was supported throughout the production of Conniveo by BBC Arts and Arts Council England as part of their New Creatives scheme.